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Beautiful day for flying over Lake Lanier!Brad Law after IFR training flight to Chattanooga, Tn.  Just about ready for the Instrument Checkride!Lonnie Slade, Instrument-Airplane, 27 Sep 2017Melissa Jordan's first training Flight with Cherokee Flight in Cherokee County Georgia
March 4,2017.  Congrat's Melissa!Paul Manners, First Solo Flight, 7-14-2017Cub Scouts Pack 8880 of Canton for aviation night!Casey after his first training flight towards his Private Pilot CertificationPaul Manners after first training flightCasey Millsaps Solo, 7-27-2017Amelia Green, First Solo Flight, 7-14-2017Jake Syers well on his way to his Private Pilot Certification!Congratulations Adam Green on your Instrument Rating, 7-11-2017Michael Franklin back in the saddle after a short hiatus from flying!Christy Hahn's First FlightIshmael Campbell after Discovery FlightJeff Pettigrew on his first training flight with Cherokee Flight.  Congrat's Jeff!Congratulations Brad Law on your Instrument Rating.  5-16-2017Jake Syers First Solo, 7-15-2017Rich McNamara on his first training flight.  Congrats Rich!Brad Law on the IFR training flight to Chattanooga, Tn.   An hour and half up and 20 mins back - winds were rockin!Siobhan MacLean and Greylan Payne after discovery flights.Al Kite after some pattern work.  Next stop - solo!