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Beautiful day for flying over Lake Lanier!Casey after his first training flight towards his Private Pilot CertificationJake Syers well on his way to his Private Pilot Certification!Paul Manners after first training flightSiobhan MacLean and Greylan Payne after discovery flights.Christy Hahn's First FlightIshmael Campbell after Discovery FlightBrad Law on the IFR training flight to Chattanooga, Tn.   An hour and half up and 20 mins back - winds were rockin!Brad Law after IFR training flight to Chattanooga, Tn.  Just about ready for the Instrument Checkride!Amelia Green, First Solo Flight, 7-14-2017Cub Scouts Pack 8880 of Canton for aviation night!Rich McNamara on his first training flight.  Congrats Rich!Congratulations Adam Green on your Instrument Rating, 7-11-2017Congratulations Brad Law on your Instrument Rating.  5-16-2017Jeff Pettigrew on his first training flight with Cherokee Flight.  Congrat's Jeff!Michael Franklin back in the saddle after a short hiatus from flying!Casey Millsaps Solo, 7-27-2017Melissa Jordan's first training Flight with Cherokee Flight in Cherokee County Georgia
March 4,2017.  Congrat's Melissa!Jake Syers First Solo, 7-15-2017Lonnie Slade, Instrument-Airplane, 27 Sep 2017Paul Manners, First Solo Flight, 7-14-2017Al Kite after some pattern work.  Next stop - solo!