Drone Training

Commercial Drone Training

Drones are growing more and more in our daily life and with it comes demand for those that know how to fly them.  Everything from surveying to professional videography/photography and everything in between is finding it’s way into the drone world.

Prior to Aug 2016 a commercial drone pilot had to hold a pilot certification.  However, in August 2016 the FAA changed this and Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations was born.  Now an individual need only pass a written test to fly a drone.   The FAA was very liberal in this decision and as such it is quite easy for some drone operators to find themselves at odds with current regulations, particularly in the environment of our vast national airspace.    This is why Cherokee Flight has developed a professional drone training program.  The FAA refers to it as a Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and designates the certification of such as a Remote Pilot.  Whether you want to call it a UAS or a drone, you can expect to be guided through the learning process by a Certified Flight Instructor and receive hands on training in the actual operation of the drone as well as an in depth study of weather, federal regulations, national airspace, filing of special flights with the FAA and much more.

If flying a drone professionally is on your agenda, let Cherokee Flight help you do it the right way and learn all the ends outs of such.  Call today to get started 404-771-3275.